USF provided Broadband connectivity for the population of the caches at the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in 2013 located at the NTRC. The Dominica Internet Exchange Point (DANIX) was registered in September 2012 as a collaboration of three (3) Internet Service Providers (ISP) namely, FLOW, Marpin 2K4 which is now owned by FLOW, Digicel, and the NTRC, for the establishing of an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Dominica. DANIX was commissioned on February 27, 2013.

Funding for the IXP has been predominately from the Universal Service Fund with Packet Clearing House providing the switch and the ISPs provided the necessary connection to the switch.

The USF provide a total sum of XCD 250,000.00 for the continued support of DANIX.


  • To increase and promote competition in the Broadband Market
  • To reduce the requirements on expensive international bandwidth
  • To improve the Broadband Quality of Service and the Quality of Experience of the consumer
  • To ensure the continued operations of DANIX