In 2016, an Emergency Response System “ Enhance 911” was establish in Dominica under the Universal Service Fund. The Emergency Response System will provide Dominicans with a modern system that will allow Automatic Number Identification (ANI), a display of the caller’s location and supplementary data such as basic on-screen information on how to treat with common health emergencies such as heart attacks. This will help the dispatcher better serve persons and assign the most appropriate resource to the emergency. It is an integration system for emergency calls to the police, fire and ambulance services.

The system provided the following benefits :

  • Adoption of 911 as the official access number for Emergency Services
  • Prioritize calls (emergency over non-emergency) and assign the most appropriate resource.
  • Ability to provide on-screen information on most common health emergencies such as heart attacks, etc.
  • Facilitate the electronic transfer of patient’s information while en route to the hospital through the use of tablets.
  • Automatic Line Number
  • Provide for the employment of six (6) special constables
  • Provide reporting capabilities both and visual.