The USF provided ICT equipment such as (iPad, keyboards, headphones, laptops, software materials, computer desks etc.) to the Alpha Center in 2015 and 2016 to help facilitate the learning experience at that center. The Alpha Center provides education facilities to children with special needs and disabilities. Currently, the Alpha Center is the only institution on the island of Dominica that is dedicated to educating children with moderate to severe learning disabilities. At present, the Alpha Center serves approximates forty (40) students within the age range of 5-18.

Project Goals and Objectives

The overarching goal is to introduce technology into the classroom where students with special needs, including downs syndrome and autism, are educated. In turn this will prepare students to live and function in a world that is increasingly technological in nature. This will help bridging the gap between the technologically advanced society and students with a learning disability forced to live in a world that perceives their diverse needs as a disadvantage.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Improve the education of students with special needs via new/improved learning methods and interactive learning
  • To enhance the classroom activities for students with learning disabilities via the use of tablets
  • To provide internet access to students with learning disabilities to support educational interventions
  • To build capacity by providing resources and new interactive classroom techniques for teachers
  • To inspire and motivate teachers to aggressively explore innovative teaching method for the students with special needs via the use of hands on activities in the training sessions