Pursuant to section 43 of the Telecommunications Act 31 of 2000, There shall be established a Fund to be known as the Universal Service Fund, which Fund shall be managed by the Commission in accordance with the Telecommunications (Universal Service Fund) Regulations SRO 21 of 2009.

The Fund established for the promotion of Universal Service. Universal Service includes the provision of:

  • Public voice telephony.
  • Internet access.
  • Telecommunication services to schools, hospitals and similar institutions, and the disabled and physically challenged.
  • Other services by which people access efficient, affordable and modern telecommunications.

The Fund will encourage efficient access to, and use of the telecommunication networks and services throughout Dominica, with special focus on rural, under- served and maritime areas, with a goal to help promote social, educational and economic development. The Fund will also ensure the reasonable availability and affordability of basic and advanced telecommunications services, where commercial telecommunications market may be unable to deliver such services in a financially, viable manner independently, and also to the physically challenged, elderly and indigent communities.

The Fund shall consist of:

Contributions by telecommunications providers as specified under the Act and by Order of the Minister

Any funds that may be directly appropriated by Parliament for purposes of the Fund, and

Official grants, donations, bequests or other contributions, or transfers granted by an individual or other legal entity.


The Fund shall be used by the Commission, on the recommendation of ECTEL, to compensate any telecommunications provider who is required to provide universal service by virtue of section 42 of the Act or to otherwise promote universal service.